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Agriculture Lending

RBB, with great pleasure, announces the restarting of agriculture lending to its Clients considering the due importance of developing agriculture sector as it is a predominant contributors of Nepalese economy providing employment to 66% of active population and contributing 38% in GDP. This venture of RBB is crucial in commercialization of agriculture sector as Government of Nepal has been providing prime focus on raising agriculture production through commercialization involving the grower farmers, processors, traders/marketers and consumers in a commercially viable value chain..read more

Agriculture lending sub-sectors:

1. Agronomy

RBB provides the services of total production credit to the grower farmers fulfilling the credit needs for a whole year comprising the cropping pattern in a onetime processing ..read more

  • Cereal crops: Paddy, wheat, maize, millet, oilseeds, pulses etc
  • Cash crops: Vegetables, Sugarcane
  • Special crops: Seed production, spices, herbs
2. Livestock

RBB provides credit service to support the production of milk and milk products, meat and meat products through cattle farming, poultry farming, pig farming, goat raring ..read more

  • Farming: Cattle (Cow, buffalo), poultry (Broilers, layers), pig, goat, sheep
  • Processing: Dairy, slaughter houses, meat processors
  • Marketing: Wholesalers, retailers
3. Horticulture

RBB extends credit support for production, processing and marketing of fruits e.g. banana, papaya, and processing and marketing of tea, coffee, mango, orange etc.
4. Floriculture

RBB provides credit on floriculture business for production and marketing of following items.
  • Cut flower
  • Orchids
  • Ornamental plants
5. Aquaculture/Fish farming

As fish farming has becoming the growing business of the country, RBB intends to support in fish production, processing and marketing by developing its market chain from production to retailing. RBB extends to credit support for pond construction for pond farming, cage construction for lake farming and raceways for running water fish farming. Credit support is also extended to establish hatchery for production of fingerlings and feed industry for fish.
6. Apiculture/Bee keeping

RBB extends credit support for bee keeping (Cerana and mellifera), processing of honey and its marketing.

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