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  1. Is RBB Visa Debit Card Secure?
    • Yes, RBB has started issuance of chip based EMV cards, which are secured and cannot be cloned as the normal plain plastic cards.

    1. When can I get RBB chip based VISA Card ?
      • The customers who want to new cards, renew the cards or need to replace the old cards can apply for the new cards and shall be provided the chip based VISA cards.

      Can we directly use Debit card after getting from RBB Branch?
        • Yes, you can but while using card at ATM machine if the error comes as "INVALID CARD" then you have to contact your RBB Branch or directly go to RBB Card Center as your card is not activated yet.

      1. Does PIN is required for POS transaction?
        • No, Most of the POS machine do not required PIN while purchasing the goods. The operator swap the card and give you the double copy of transaction slip and your job is to see the amount and signature the one copy and present to sales operator. To prevent the miss use from unauthorized person always signature at the back of you Debit card where expected your fine signature.

      2. What should I do if I lost VISA debit card?
        • You have to Immediately Call at the RBB Card Center number which is mentioned at your VISA debit card. Bank will not responsible to any financial loss in case of delay reporting. The reporting Time interval is 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM in normal working Day and 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on holidays.

      3. Is it possible for a single VISA Debit Card work with Multiple Accounts?
        • Yes, you can but for this you have to fill additional " Account Link Form" to your Account holing RBB Branch. In such situation you will be given the options for Account selection and Cash will dispense from the Account which you selected . Such option only applicable to RBB ATMs but besides RBB ATMs cash will dispense from your Primary Account only. In Case of Fast Cash also cash will be dispensed from Primary account even if from RBB ATMs.

      4. Is it possible to work single Account with multiple VISA Debit Cards?
        • Yes, you can do this too. Any card i.e. make beside account holder is called supplementary card and to get such card you have to fill the form with both person photographs and appropriate signature.

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