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Kathmandu Valley
Serial No. ATM Location Branch
1  Balaju Chowk,24 Hour Clinic  Balaju
2  (i)New Baneshwor
(ii)New Baneshwor
(iii)New Baneshwor
3  Bhotahity  Bhotahity
4  Budhanilkantha  Budhanilkantha
5  (i) Gaushala I
(ii) Gaushala II
6  Kalanki Branch office  Kalanki
7  Kirtipur Branch office  Kirtipur
8  (i) Lagankhel
(ii) Jawalkhel
9  (i) Narayan Gopal Chowk
(ii) Police Academy
(iii) Nepal Police Basundhara
10  (i) Bir Hospital
(ii) Nepal Airline Corporation
(iii) Dharmapath ATM lounge
(iv) Bishal Bazar
(v) Ratnapark
 Main Branch Office
11  Maitedevi Branch office  Maitidevi
12  (i) Naxal
(ii)Police Headquarter
13  Pulchowk  Pulchowk
14  Sanothimi  Sano Thimi
15  (i) Putalisadak
(ii) Singhadurbar Ministry
16  Surya Binayak  Suryabinayak
17  Tribhuwan International Airport Branch office  T. I. Airport
18  (i) Teku
(ii) Teku
19  Tridevi Marg, Thamel  Thamel
20  (i) Singhadurbar Plaza - CO
(ii) Singhadurbar Plaza - CO
(iii) Singhadurbar Plaza - CO
(iV) Singhadurbar Plaza - CO
(v) Singhadurbar Plaza - CO
(vi) CO R&D
21  Thimi  Thimi

OutSide Kathmandu Valley
Serial No. ATM Location Branch
1  Amar Singh Chowk,Pokhara  Amarsinghchowk
2  Atariya  Atariya
3  Baglungbazar  Baglungbazar
4  Baitadi  Baitadi
5  Banepa  Banepa
6  Banganga  Banganga
7  Bardaghat  Bardaghat
8  Bardibas  Bardibas
9  Bargachhi  Bargachhi
10  Belbari  Belbari
11  Besishahar  Besishahar
12  Bhadrapur  Bhadrapur
13  Bhirahawa  Bhairahawa
14  Bharatpur  Bharatpur
15  Bhojpur  Bhojpur
16  Bidur  Bidur
17  Bijuwar  Bijuwar
18  Biratnagar  Biratnagar
19  Birgunj  Birgunj
20  Birtamod  Birtamod
21  Butawal  Butwal Khasauli
22  Dadeldhura  Dadeldhura
23  Dailekh  Dailekh
24  Damak  Damak
25  Damauli  Damauli
26  Devkotachowk  Devkotachowk
27  Dhading  Dhading
28  (i) Dhangadhi I
(ii) Dhangadhi II
29  Dhankuta  Dhankuta
30  Dhanusha Mahendra Nagar  Dhanusha Mahendra Nagar
31  Dharan  Dharan
32  Dhulikhel  Dhulikhel
33  Diktel  Diktel
34  Dipayal
Police Training Dipayal
35  Gaighat  Gaighat
36  Gajuri  Gajuri
37  Garudabazar  Garudabazar
38  Gaur  Gaur
39  Gorkha  Gorkha
40  Gulariya  Gulariya
41  Gulmi  Gulmi
42  Hetauda I
Hetauda II
43  Ilambazar  Ilambazar
44  Inaruwa  Inruwa
45  Itahari  Itahari
46  Jalesor  Jaleshwor
47  Janakpur  Janakpur
48  Kalaiya  Kalaiya
49  Kawasoti  Kawasoti
50  Khandbari  Khandbari
51  kohalpur  kohalpur
52  Kotihawa (Coming Soon)  Kotihawa
53  Kusma  Kusma
54  Lahan  Lahan
55  Lalbandi  Lalbandi
56  Lamahi  Lamahi
57  Mahendranagar  Mahendranagar
58  Mahendrapul, Pokhara  Mahendrapul
59  Manthali  Manthali
60  Mirchaiya  Mirchaiya
61  Namchebazar  Namchebazar
62  Narayanghat  Narayanghat
63  (i) Nepalgunj
(ii) Nepalgunj Police
(iii) Dhomboji
64  Nijgadh  Nijgadh
65  Okhaldhunga  Okhaldhunga
66  Palpa  Palpa
67  Parasi  Parasi
68  (i) Prithvichowk I
(ii) Prithvichowk II
(ii) Lakeside
69  Rajbiraj  Rajbiraj
70  (i) Ramnagar I
(ii) Ramnagar II
 Ramnagar Bazar
71  Ratnanagar  Ratnanagar
72  Sallari  Sallari
73  Sandikharka  Sandikharka
74  Shreepur  Shreepur
75  Simara  Simara
76  Sindhuli  Sindhuli
77  Siraha  Siraha
78  Sukhha Bandaegaha Biratnagar  Sukhha Bandaegaha
79  Sunwal  Sunwal
80  Surkhet  Surkhet
81  Syanjabazar  Syanjabazar
82  Taulihawa  Taulihawa
83  Tulsipur  Tulsipur
84  Urlabari  Urlabari
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