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Business Loan

The business loan provides finance to support or expand you existing business and also to start up your new business.

We here at RBBL provide full range of banking solutions to meet your financing needs.

1. Funded Loan
Overdraft / Hypothecation Loan
Overdraft/Hypothecation loan is a revolving credit facility that finances the everyday operation of the customers business and fulfills its working capital requirement.

Pledge Loan
The bank provides short term finance up to 6 months against the pledge of inventory (such as sugar, paddy, Jute, rice)

Term Loan
The bank provides long term finance to fulfill the long term credit requirement of the customer. The term loan is provided for project development or for procuring plant, machinery and equipment.

Project Loan
The bank provides finance for the development and running of the project. The project loan compromises of the working capital loan and term loan.

Trust Receipt Loan
The bank provides TR loan to fulfill short term finance requirement on import of other than capital items through LC and helps customers to maintain its working capital cycle.

Export Loan
The bank provides export finance facilities against LC, pre shipment packing credit and post shipment loan.

Bills Purchase (Clean bill)
The bank provides finance against Bills/drafts/Travelers Cheque/ Pay Order (negotiable instrument).

Loan for Infrastructure based Industries
Bank extends both Fixed Term Loan and Working Capital Loan. Loans are provided for the establishment, capacity addition, up-gradation of existing facilitates as well as acquisition of existing facilities. The loan is extended to infrastructure based industries such as
  1. hydropower
  2. hotel
  3. cable car
  4. road and more..

Consortium Loan
Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd also helps financing needs of the project through consortium lending as the lead or a member bank

2. Non-Funded Loan
Letter of Credit
The bank provides LC facilities to its customers to facilitate the import.

Bank Guarantee
The bank provides comprehensive range of bank guarantee facilities like Bid bond, Performance bond, advance payment guarantee, financial Guarantee, Counter guarantee, Bonded warehouse guarantee and also bank guarantee in favor of financial institutions.

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Easy way to access your bank account
Rastriya Banijya Bank has introduced e-banking system that makes the customers access to the account easy.
Mobile Banking
RBB provides secure complete Mobile Banking service which can provides Inquiries, Financial transactions
as well as utility payments through sms text as well mobile application
C - ASBA Service
RBBL has started C - ASBA service that lets you to apply on IPO/FPO staying home.
The service is absolutely free and available through all the branches of RBBL.
ATM/Card Services
RBB provides ATM Service
through its own dozens of outlets.
ABBS Service
RBB provides Any Branch Banking Service(ABBS)
through it's all branches accross the country.