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Nepal Telecom Pinless Topup

Using the bank’s MobilePay (PAYBILL) service, you can also do the PIN Less topups for Nepal Telecome prepaid, postpaid and landline PSTN phones as well ADSL internet bill payments. Being Pinless topup, now the bill payments have been very easy and simple.

Denominations for Pinless topup - 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000

For NTC prepaid

  • Type topup  amount & send sms to 5677
  • Type topup amount mobileno (To transfer to other mobile) & send sms to 5677
  • Reply by typing pay <alfa code> <pin no> to 5677

For NTC postpaid

For NTC PSTN Landline

For NTC ADSL Volume based

For NTC ADSL Unlimited based

NTC Recharge pins purchase - GSM/CDMA

To Recharge pins purchase - GSM/CDMA

  • 1.Send SMS message to 5677
    (Eg. For Namaste prepaid type RCG 500, for SKY type RCG 500 CDMA).

  • 2.Customer will receive an SMS with three character alpha code. The customer then has to do the transaction by typing PAY < alpha code>  <four digit pin> & send the msg to 5677.

  • 3. Customer will now receive two SMS msgs.First msg containing transaction information & Second msg contains recharge code.

NCELL Recharge pins purchase

Now the NCELL mobile customer can also register for RBB’s MobilePay (PayBill) service.

To Recharge own ncell number

  • 1.Customer sends mNcell Amount to 5688
       (Eg: mNcell 200)
  • 2.Customer Receives Alpha-code from 5688
  • 3.Customer Sends mPAY Alpha-Code PIN to 5688
  • 4.Customer Receives payment confirmation message from 5688

To recharge Ncell number for "Friends and Families"

Person to Person Fund transfer

MobilePay Customers of the bank can transfer money (funds) from their account easily & securely to the other MobilePay customer of the bank .

Type SEND Mobile Number  Amount and send sms to 5688

Mobile SMS Payment Service

- Dish Home Recharge card purchase of   NRS 250, 500 & 1000

Type DTH Amount and send sms to 5688

- Subisui Cable & Internet Bill payment

Type SUBISU ID Amount and send sms to 5688

Web (online internet purchase) payments


(Purchase online large variety of items from muncha.com with *free home delivery service)


(Purchase online large variety of digital & home appliance from Chaudhary Groups e-store with *free home delivery service)


(Purchase online movie tickets of the Civil Mall, JaiNepal & Kumari digital theatre )

Retail purchase payments

dot Fashion

dot Fashion
-Purchase all kinds including ladies and mens fashionwear from dot Fashion through RBB MobilePay (Paybill) service.

Vesper Cafe

Vesper Cafe
- Pay your bill of Vesper Cafe through RBB Mobile Pay (Paybill) service.

Bhumi Restaurant and Bar

Bhumi Restaurant and Bar

- Pay your bill of Bhumi Restaurant and Bar through RBB Mobile Pay (Paybill) service.

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