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Mobile Banking

FAQ - Mobile Banking

  1. What is Mobile Banking?
    • Mobile banking gives you safe and convenient access to your accounts from your mobile device. Mobile banking is a service that allows a customer to be updated on their account information and to perform certain banking transactions. Customer can do this with the help of their deviceís text messaging function (SMS) or a downloadable mobile banking application, depending on their preference and their deviceís capabilities.
  2. What can I do using Mobile Banking?
    • Mobile Banking enables you to perform the following services:
      - Account and transaction enquiries: Account Balance, Recent Transactions etc.
      - Fund Transfers: Between own accounts, to third party accounts
      - Bill payments and mobile phone top up: utility payments, payment to any registered payee, mobile recharge cards top-up, etc.
      - Transaction Alerts: Receive instant SMS alerts on your banking transactions
      - Request services: Cheque book request, Full statement request
      - Enquiry service: Balance Enquiry, Exchange rate enquiry
  3. Who is eligible for this service?
    • All customers of Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. are eligible for this service.
  4. Is Mobile Banking Safe?
    • Mobile Banking is highly secure because of the following reasons:
      - Customers are identified by their mobile numbers and can perform transactions and operations only on those accounts selected by them at the time of registration
      - You will be provided with a 4 digit Mobile Pin (MPIN) number. You can perform transactions and other operations only if you provide the correct MPIN number from your registered mobile number
      - When you use our mobile banking apps available for different phones, the SMS originated from your phone will be encrypted
      - When you receive a reply SMS from the bank, your account will be masked such that only the last few digits of your account number will be visible.
  5. What precaution should I take?
    • A few things that you as a customer should keep in mind while using mobile banking are:
      - The secrecy of your MPIN is your responsibility. Please do not share it with others. It is highly recommended that you memorize it and delete it immediately from your message inbox.
      - Always use mobile banking apps available for your phone as the originating SMS will be encrypted when used with these apps. Always use the bankís website for links to download the apps.
      - Change your MPIN on a regular basis.
      - In case your phone gets lost or is used by others, please contact us immediately.
  6. Can I transfer funds using this service?
    • Yes, mobile banking service allows you to transfer funds from your account to a predefined account or any other account in the bank. However, you will need to enable this service at the time of registration.
  7. What is the transaction limit?
    • Maximum amount limit per transaction: NPR 10,000
    • Maximum amount limit per day: NPR 50,000
    • Maximum number of transactions per day: 10 transactions
  8. Which mobile network does this service use? What will happen if the telecom providerís network is down?
    • At the moment, this service is available for NTC and Ncell GSM network only. Mobile banking is a SMS based service and will not function if the network is down.
  9. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe this service?
    • To subscribe for this service, please visit the branch where you have opened your account and fill up the Mobile banking registration form. The service will be enabled within 2 office day and you will be sent a notification SMS along with your MPIN.
      To unsubscribe, please visit the branch where you had subscribed for the service.
  10. What are the charges for using this service?
    • Registration charge for the service is NPR 100 and after one year annual charge of NPR 100 shall be charged for the renewal of the service
    • With RBB alert facility registration as well as annul is NPR 150
    • Fund transfer charge: NPR 5 per transfer transaction for RBB internal accounts and NPR 10 for other bank accounts, or in fonepay network
    • Standard charges for SMS sent from your mobile phone shall be applicable as per your Telecom provider
  11. Where can I download the latest mobile banking apps?
    • Go to the http://www.rbb.com.np/mobileapps.php page to download the Mobile banking apps for your phone or you can also download the apps from Android and Apple app stores for the respective mobiles.
  12. Mobile Banking app is not supported in my phone. What should I do?
    • You can still use this service even if Mobile banking apps are not available for your phone. Please Click Here (http://www.rbb.com.np/mbanksyntax.php) to view the syntax you can use to avail this service by sending SMS to 2022

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