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Housing Loan | Apartment Loan | Vehicle Loan | Education Loan | Agriculture Loan © Copyright 2013 Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd.
Easy way to access your bank account
Rastriya Banijya Bank has introduced e-banking system that makes the customers access to the account easy.
Mobile Banking
RBB provides secure complete Mobile Banking service which can provides Inquiries, Financial transactions
as well as utility payments through sms text as well mobile application
C - ASBA Service
RBBL has started C - ASBA service that lets you to apply on IPO/FPO staying home.
The service is absolutely free and available through all the branches of RBBL.
ATM/Card Services
RBB provides ATM Service
through its own dozens of outlets.
ABBS Service
RBB provides Any Branch Banking Service(ABBS)
through it's all branches accross the country.